Good Reasons

“A Wonderful Idea But I Don’t Need it Yet”

When folks first learn about this non-profit organization aimed at helping people stay in their homes, they often express the above sentiment. Those in the independent stage of their retirement years may think that Monadnock at Home (MaH) isn’t for them, but here are several good reasons that even active retirees will be happy to belong:

• One member said MaH is his “Home Retirement Insurance.” Having one number to call for whatever he needs, now and in the future, gives him peace of mind. MaH will support his staying “in charge” at home for as long as possible.

• One couple joined MaH to reassure their grown children who live at a distance that trusted help is available whenever it might be needed.

• The reality is that anyone one of us, due to an accident or unanticipated event, could suddenly find ourselves needing a lot more help than we normally do, at least temporarily. Belonging to MaH give us the security of knowing that one call to someone we know will help bring needed resources to bear.

• Unlike most insurance, which just protects us for the future, MaH provides immediate benefits. Some services are included with membership, while others are available from over 130 vetted service providers who will stack your wood, check on your house if you are away, repair your car, pet sit or provide in-home care if it is suddenly needed. Most of our providers give discounts to members. One MaH couple actually kept track of their savings and were astounded at how much their membership saved them (click here for the details). One call to our Executive Director provides quick access to any of this.

• Some members join to ensure that MaH is firmly in place for the good of their community and for their own future needs. By joining now members are helping to shape the future of this organization.

• Some are looking forward to social gatherings and being part of a community of people who have the same goal of staying in their homes and “sharing the caring.” Others anticipate our educational programs and health and wellness workshops, which are based upon the interests of our members.

• When looking ahead at long term care options people often consider retirement or assisted living communities, but many find either that they can’t afford this or that this choice doesn’t “work” for them. MaH enables them to stay put and pay for the services they want or need when they need them.